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New Publication-

Linda’s study on “Image analysis-based quantification of fungal sporulation by automatic conidia counting and gray value correlation” was published online on MethodsX. The present work describes a new computer-assisted image analysis method for the rapid, simple, objective and reproducible quantification of actively discharged fungal spores which can serve as a manual for laboratories working in this context. Congratulations!


New colleague-

The working group welcomes its new scientific coworker Benjamin Moorlach. Benjamin completed his master’s degree in molecular biotechnology at Bielefeld University. His master thesis was attained in the working group Patel under the supervision of Dr. Vanessa Homburg and focused on diffusion processes in biocompatible hydrogels for the entrapment of microalgae. His current work will focus on the PICTA-KILL project, that aims to develop new push-pull-kill formulations for psyllid pest control. The project is supported by the BMEL and carried out in cooperation with the JKI Dossenheim and two industrial partners.

Innovation Days 2020

On Oct 20 – 21, the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE), affiliated to the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) and one of our main funders, organized the Innovation Days that showed on-going R&D projects in agriculture and had about 200 participants. Katharina Hermann and Linda Muskat prepared two nice digital presentations on our advances in the ATTRACAP and PICTA-KILL projects. Unfortunately, we did not receive feedback how the uploaded files were received by the digital audience.
Anant participated in three workshops on digitalization in agri- and horticulture. He concluded that, Germany is a bit further into digitalization then expected but still in beginning stages.

Biobased adhesives

Anant accepted  the  challenge to give a presentation on biobased adhesives at the Day of Material Research that aims to bring together stakeholders in our region. When we looked at our work with this new perspective, all of us realized that we are addressing state of the art research on adhesives based on polymers. Anant presented some projects on production and derivatization of biopolymers as well as applications on screen printing of ecotextiles with biobased pigments, redissolvable adhesives for modular clothing, layer by layer coating of gels and living cells, adhesive spray formulations and coating of microalgae onto glass.

In the panel discussion with companies, it was agreed that although the market is still small there is growing demand for R&D into biobased adhesives.