Open day 2023

Our working group participated at the open day of the HSBI (Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences and Arts). At our stand titled „Elektrisierter Algenextrakt und und vieles mehr“,  the working group presented two separate experiments with polymers derived from algae.

Firstly, we allowed participants to create calcium alginate beads by dropping liquid sodium-alginate into a second liquid, namely calcium chloride (CaCl2). The calcium ions interact with the alginate so that gel beads are formed. The many participants, but especially the children, were delighted when they were able to take home the colorful alginate beads they created. Secondly, we performed a gel electrophoresis experiment with agarose, another algae derived polymer. Gel electrophoresis is a ubiquitous laboratory method to analyze DNA, RNA, or proteins by separating mixtures according to their molecular size and charge. However, we chose to separate a range of vibrant dyes instead of nucleic acids or proteins. Attendees were invited to pipette a range of colorful dyes and dye mixtures into the of the agarose gel and examine their movement in the gel once an electric field was applied.

We were happy to introduce these algal biopolymers and their applications to numerous interested attendees of the open day and the many participants at our stand.


Meet Mary-Joanna Reuther

Mary-Joanna Reuther aka Jordan has been an integral part of the AttraCorn team as the technical assistant since February.  With her skills, Mary-Joanna is playing an important role in our ambitious project to improve the AttraCap insecticide, to finally tackle the long-standing agricultural issue of wireworm in maize cultivation. Armed with a background in biology and technical training, Mary-Joanna is responsible for researching and implementing methods to make our biodegradable insecticide a game-changer in the maize industry. Once this work is accomplished, our partner BIOCARE will take it to the next level by producing it on an industrial scale.
Having completed her education at the Maria-Stemme vocational college in Bielefeld with a technical college entrance qualification, Mary-Joanna is thrilled to be part of the AttraCorn team and looks forward to making a meaningful contribution to the project’s success.

Wissenschaftstagung ökologischer Landbau 2023, Frick, Switzerland

Jana attended 16. Wissenschaftstagung ökologischer Landbau – WiTa 2023 to present her results on biological control of nematodes with nematophagous fungus Pochonia chlamydosporia. There was a good exchange with different people from different areas of application and research. And the good news is: organic farming is becoming more and more important! 😊